name: mana

date of Birth: 3.14

birthplace: hiroshima

bloodtype: O

weight and height: 48kg, 113cm

eyesight: 1.2 [[1.0 == standard]]

highest education: i graduated from an all music school

how long you've been playing your instrument/part: 6 or 7 years

why you took on that instrument/part: to express myself musically I choose guitar

hobbies / collections: italian horror, video games, cooking

food you like: indian curry

food you hate: none

drinks you like: vegetable juice

cigarette brand / how many packs a day: I don't smoke

favorite color: deep blue

favorite season: evenings in autumn

favorite tv show: cooking shows

favorite talent: Isabelle Ajiwa [[whos this??]]

favorite fashion: I dont have a favorite

a movie that left an impression on you: italian horror's "beyond"

type of woman you like: ladylike, cute women

type of woman you dislike: un-ladylike women

the thing you most want to do: go on a shopping spree for things i want

what you want for a present: cds, books.. many, many different things..

what have you received from fans and really liked: clothes and stuff.. theres a lot

how you spend your days off: go to cities ive never been to, chasing after something...

what is important to you: feeling.. beleiving in yourself

person you respect: bach

your dream as a child: to be a mysterious chef

everyday clothes: nothing special

something youve been interested in lately: spice mixing

something interesting that has happened recently: well...

something sad that has happened recently: my grandfather passed on

what kind of youth were you in school: pleasant.. then a metalhead.. then punk

what bands/artists you notice: Mikami Katsuyo. (joking)

what bands/artists you like: french pop (various artists)

what bands/artists have influenced you: motly crue

do you like tours and why: yes. because there are new discoveries

what live have you done that's left an impression on you: motley crue

the reason: the first show i ever saw

the first record you bought: I don't remember, but it may have been iron maiden

in your opinion, what are the other members like: 1:4

how would you sum up their personalitys in a word or two: I can't in a word or two.

how would you sum up your own personality in a word or two: I am not very emotional.

your own sales point: I'm a guitarist who mixes sadness and beauty

what is the band to you: a wonderful life for me

what are your fans to you: important people who support malice mizer

your goals for the band: to make wonderful music

your rival: Mikami Katsuyo (joking)

something you'd like to say to the fans: Thank you for your support, and please help us in the future as well.

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